When Anxiety Takes Over

When Anxiety Takes Over

When Anxiety Takes Over Your Life

Wondering what to do when Anxiety takes over? Our brains don’t always know the difference between reality and imagination. If you have ever watched someone play a virtual reality game then you know what I mean. While they are playing the game and watching themselves “fall off a cliff” they physically react. They are just watching a screen. However, they are immersed in it. Their brain takes time to send the message that what is happening is not real!

Anxiety can feel the same way sometimes. Othertimes, it is real life we are dealing with and it’s overwhelming how to handle it. If you have ever went on a roller coaster, you know how that feels. Physically something is happening to your body. You have virtually no control or ability to stop the roller coaster. Your heart starts racing and you may feel like you can’t breath as it races through the loops. There’s physically nothing you can do to stop it.

Maybe you see a new headline about Covid or the new monkeypox virus. Physically you feel fine. Then all the questions starting popping in your head. Next thing you know you are worrying about how you Nvidia stock is doing. You go get your mail and worrying whether you can pay your student loan this month. Then you remember you are flying to Yellowstone next week when you see an article about Southwest Airlines. You go to check your email to relax and a headline about the Texas school shooting pops up. While your there, you Google ‘How to Be Happy Alone‘. The cycle of worry spirals more out of control. Where can we turn in today’s world that does not add fuel to our anxious thoughts.

Learn Tools to Cope with Anxiety

However there are tools for anxiety you can learn to help you better manage life worries and stressors. Some things are real. Other things are imaginary or stuff we worry about. Either way, learning coping tools for anxiety can make a world of difference in your quality of life. Talking with a Professional Therapist can help you navigate anxiety in healthy ways! Book an Appointment Today!

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