Every day is a new chance
to become who you want to be!


Sometimes life gets hard and making sense of everything we are feeling can be completely overwhelming and exhausting. When we are going through tough times, our emotions can feel confusing and out of control. We all struggle with things!

There are just times in life we just need a safe, non-judgemental place to process everything we are thinking and feeling. You are not a number and shouldn’t be treated like one. Reaching out for help is never an easy thing. Take the first step to your new life today; it can be the best decision you have ever made!

Every day is a new chance to become who you want to be!

I will walk alongside of you and teach you how to be your own internal counselor using proven CBT and solution-focused techniques that will help you create a life that is all you desire it to be! Click here to book your appointment in person today!

Daytime & evening appts available online counseling via teletherapy.

Anxiety–Depression–Grief–Self-Esteem–Family Counseling–Marriage Counseling–Infidelity–Divorce Recovery–Stress–Parenting–Christian Counseling

Taking the first step to your new life can be life-changing!

About Me

Therapist Deborah Farber, LPC offering confidential online counseling in Tulsa, OK. Currently offering Teletherapy Video Sessions throughout Oklahoma. Daytime & Evening Appts Available. Telehealth and online counseling is covered by many Insurance Companies.